Happy Thanksgiving!

I want to extend my best wishes for a very Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.  As we enter this holiday season I am grateful for my clients’  patience in the face of economic turmoil both here and abroad and their continued confidence in me.  Their confidence and trust make my job very fulfilling as I strive to have a positive impact on their financial life.

Looking forward to next year, I hope to see more certainty in the political situations in Europe and the United States.  One big challenge we all face is how we feel about, and deal with, sacrifice.  The future will be dictated by our willingness to all “give a little”.  Let’s hope that political leaders in Washington and globally find the courage to make the hard choices we all make every day at home.  As hard and unpleasant as it may be, the sooner we do it the sooner it will be over.  Sort of like when your parents made you take that nasty cold medicine as a child.

As you share this holiday with family and friends please do not forget all the freedoms we enjoy (and sometimes take for granted) and those who courageously defend our right to those freedoms.


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